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Hot, new couple alert!

Posted Tuesday, July 8th 2014 @ 7am




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Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello are in the early stages of dating. The news comes just after Manganiello raved about her in an interview with PEOPLE for the Hottest Bachelors issue. He said "You're gonna get me in trouble. I don't want to be like a home-wrecker. This person is engaged. She's got the curves, she's got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous. Naturally beautiful. She's feisty!" Vergara split from fiancé Nick Loeb in May. His True Blood character, Alcide died in a shocking scene in Sunday's episode. They first met in May at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. 


Yesterday morning Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy commented on the fact they are leaving The View. Jenny and Sherri would not be renewing their contracts. Jenny explained she will be working on a new show but Sherri was overcome with emotion, especially when she started talking about her fellow costars. Sherri explained “I didn’t discuss anything publicly, anything in my personal life, because I didn’t want to do anything to distract from Barbara Walters and our celebration of her retirement in May." Watch the good bye here!



Jessica Simpson’s romantic wedding to Eric Johnson certainly cost a few bucks. Word is going around that the total cost of the elaborate affair was approximately $1.4 million from start to finish, including catering for 275 guests over multiple days at a cost of $300,000.


Mark Wahlberg is the top pick to star in a film remake of the 1970s sci-fi TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. The story follows an astronaut, Steve Austin, whose body is rebuilt with cybernetic technology after a traumatic injury from an aircraft crash.


Mila Kunis revealed to W magazine about her relationship with her fiancé and former That ’70s Show co-star, Ashton Kutcher. Kunis said “My first real kiss ever was with him on the show. Not only did the show introduce me to my fiancé, but I’m so grateful that all my mistakes are recorded for posterity. I went through puberty on television … through everything embarrassing that a girl can go through in front of my fiancé. There’s no question that he’s seen the worst. I find that comforting.” Kunis and Kutcher got engaged in February, and announced Kunis’ pregnancy in May.

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez look like they are hooking up. The two were spotted smooching and canoodling off the coast of Sardinia, where they’ve been spending time with their friend, Gianluca Vacchi. The two are said to have “great chemistry,” according to Us Weekly, and have been friends for years. As for her relationship with model Cara Delevingne, that is reportedly now over.


Ellen DeGeneres just made a killing on flipping her mansion. She purchased “The Brody Home” in January for $40 million, but was approached by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, who offered $55 million for it! Ellen and Portia had no intentions of flipping the home, but they couldn’t refuse the incredible offer. The two have since snatched up an entire floor of a Beverly Hills condo for $16 million.


Madonna did her civic duty yesterday and appeared at New York City courthouse. But she was sent home after only two hours because, as a court official told TMZ "Her presence would create a distraction in the jury selection process." In fact, during her 120-minute stay, Madonna was separated from the jury assembly room and allowed to stay in the clerk's office.


After months of speculation, Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee. Naya has just learned that she’s been fired from the show. She knew this day would eventually come. Naya and Glee star Lea Michele have been at odds for months, and Lea is not going anywhere. Creator Ryan Murphy has made it perfectly clear that this final season centers around Rachel. So that makes Naya the odd woman out. She was written out of the final episodes last season and will probably appear in very few of Glee’s final season.


The film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey is still about 7 months away from being released and word is Universal Studios is already getting ready for the next installment, Fifty Shades Darker. Fifty Shades will cost $40 million to produce. If just 11 percent of the people who bought the book (which sold 70 million copies) go to see the movie, the studio will make approximately $60 million, making the project a success.


On Sunday night NBC put aside two hours for a Miley special based on her “Bangerz” tour. The results - Miley had just 2 million viewers. Miley’s special came in 12th for the evening behind everything else on broadcast TV. Oooph!


Meanwhile, Miley’s ex, Liam Hemsworth was reportedly overheard talking with friends about her while dining at a restaurant in Italy last week. He was heard saying he and Miley would “always be best friends” and that they had “an instantaneous and powerful connection.” Sources add “Liam kept raving about how amazing she was how much they clicked and understood everything about each other.” Hemsworth and Cyrus ended their engagement in September after three years together.”

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