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Leonardo DiCaprio was front row during the Bieber and Bloom fight!

Posted Friday, August 1st 2014 @ 8am


Photo Credit - Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio had a front-row seat when history was made the other night in Ibiza between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. The actor happened to be in the same club as Bieber and Bloom the night of their fight and Leo egged on Orlando and cheered when the alleged Bloom punch landed on Bieber. Lindsay Lohan was also in attendance and laughed at Justin. She laughed so hard and uncontrollably that she snorted.

Tara Reid can thank the Sharknado TV movies for reinvigorating her career, but they also inspired her to unleash her own perfume. You can be the owner of Shark by Tara, which is a perfume inspired by surprise surprise - sharks. According to, the $24.95 bottle “is a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear. It also incorporates a plethora of ‘lavender’ colored flowers, which is Tara’s favorite color…”

Meanwhile, Sharknado 2 was a “hit” for Syfy Channel  but was really more of a blip for Wednesday night TV watchers. The campy made-for-TV movie had 3.9 million viewers but on Twitter Sharknado 2 was a bigger hit, with 67 million impressions from 3 hours before aired till 3 hours after it ended. Take a bite out of that!

Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland let it slip that she is expecting a baby boy. She was giving an interview with Fox 411 Wednesday when she mentioned “his little bathing stuff, his toys.” When she realized she spilled the beans she said “Aw, f– it! It’s a boy. It’s a boy!”

Chris Brown is a single man. The only woman who ever stood by his side, Karrueche Tran, has finally kicked him to the curb and changed her number. So Chris booked a private jet to St. Tropez and invited one of her friends. OUCH!~ She was the one who took his jailhouse calls and waited for Chris to get out of jail. Chris also recently liked a couple fan photos on Instagram of himself and his ex – Rihanna and that just put her over the top. Two dumb taps was all it take for her to finally see the light. 


Production on “Big Bang Theory” is on hold while the stars are holding out for a new contract. Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki are asking for about $1 million per episode, up from the $325,000 they get now. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are also looking for raises but are not seeking as much as the other three.


Universal Pictures officially announced The Huntsman, a prequel to Snow White and The Huntsman that will be released in 2016. Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron will return. The press release does not mention Kristen Stewart, who portrayed Snow White in the first film.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for almost a decade and have six kids. Word is what keeps them hot for each other? They write each other love letters. Angelina revealed in an interview that when the two are working on opposite ends of the planet, they keep their love alive by writing — not emailing, writing love notes.


Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden just started dating each other and now they're talking marriage! Friends revealed that “They are completely in love. They are openly acknowledging to friends that they see a long future together. Marriage may be a part of that plan. It's being discussed." Nicole Richie, who is married to Benji's brother, introduced them.    


Here’s what’s breaking out at the movies today. Comic book fans can enjoy “Guardians of the Galaxy” and there is the James Brown biopic “Get on Up.”

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