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Glee will be relocating to NYC!

Glee will be relocating to NYC!
Posted Tuesday, January 14th 2014 @ 7am

Changes have been under way for Glee since the unexpected passing of Cory Monteith and now Creator Ryan Murphy revealed that they are moving the show to New York. Peace out McKinley High School.Murphy said “Some are going to be graduating and moving. Creatively, it would be ridiculous that everybody moves to New York.” The entire show will focus on Lea Michele’s circle of friends and their careers in the Big Apple. The final season, next year, will be set in New York and this season will conclude there. But first, they have to complete the two-hour spectacular 100th episode featuring former cast members. Dianna Agron and Heather Morris, plus Gwyneth Paltrow just agreed to join that celebration.

Ashlee Simpson got engaged to actor Evan Ross and the couple announced the news on Twitter yesterday.  After sharing a picture of themselves, Ross wrote "The love of my life said YES!!!!!!" Simpson added "My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii!!!" The couple went public with their relationship in July, and Simpson was spotted getting to know her future mother-in-law, Diana Ross, at a concert after-party in August. Evan has even spent quality time with Simpson's 5-year-old son Bronx Mowgli from her previous marriage to Pete Wentz.

Jerry Seinfeld and his former co-star Jason Alexander reunited yesterday at Tom's Restaurant in NYC. The same diner her and his friends went to on Seinfeld. TMZ says the shows co-creator Larry David was seen leaving the diner as well. Staff members said they were meeting up for Jerry's webshow and it is rumored that the shoot was actually a top-secret Super Bowl commercial!

Live Another Day, Fox's mini-revival of 24 and FOX announced yesterday that it will premiere May 5th. Fox first announced the revival in May 2013, and while the London-based shoot hasn't begun, the writers have completed roughly half of the mini-season. The show still takes place over a 24-hour day even though it's 12 episodes.

Kanye West lost it again this time allegedly on an 18-year-old guy inside a chiropractor’s office after he called the rapper the N-word. At first the guy was trying to help Kim Kardashian, who was swarmed by photographers in front of the Beverly Hills medical building. Then after she said it wasn’t appropriate for him to use the N-word to describe the photographer, he used it again, reportedly saying, “Shut up n-” when she called Kanye on the phone. When Kanye arrived, witnesses say he punched the guy, and the massage therapist broke it up. WHOA!

Paris Hilton just earned a new gig where she is paid 100,000 dollars per night. Paris will DJ at The Pool at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. I guess the Hilton wasn’t hiring! Paris recently bragged about being “among the top five DJs in the world.” HAHAHAHA!

Olivia Wilde told People at the Golden Globe Awards that she and Jason Sudeikis are expecting a baby boy in late April early May. She said “He was kicking the whole time during the ceremony going, ‘Where are we?!’” While on the red carpet, she told Ryan Seacrest that her baby was due on May 4th, also known as ‘”Star Wars” day. Wilde and the “SNL” actor were engaged in January of 2014 and this time down the aisle will be the second for both.

Disney has ideas of turning its blockbuster Frozen into a Broadway musical after making nearly $700 million at the box office. Frozen is Disney’s biggest animated movie since The Lion King. The studio is also thrilled at Frozen’s critical success, winning the Golden Globe and very likely an Academy Award. Disney will re-purpose the beloved sisters in Frozen and create new franchises around them. Imagine theme park rides, toys galore and every possible media platform.

Sunday night's Golden Globes was filled with a lot of walking. According to an informal Washington Post tally, approximately 10 percent of the 122-minute broadcast (without commercials) included the winners walking to the stage. On average, it took winners 29 seconds from the moment their names were announced to shaking hands with the presenter. Dancing on the Edge star Jacqueline Bisset took the longest at 66 seconds and Amy Adams hustled to the stage in just 11 seconds.

Newsroom has been renewed by HBO for a third and final season. HBO management had been hopeful about the drama's return since last summer and spent months in negotiations with series creator Aaron Sorkin.

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